Trade Me

Title: Trade Me
Author: Deborah Park
Illustrator: Deborah Park
Genre: Drama, Action
Published: June 2019
Volumes Available: N/A


In a world of infinite possibilities, where humans have super powers, where being a hero — an actual costumed super-hero — can be your day job, how much would it suck to be normal? Well, Kioku never planned to be normal per say, but life just dealt him a horrible hand. He was powerless, and in a society where power means everything, he became worthless. After being bullied for his entire school life, ignored by teachers and adults alike, he finds himself helpless and suffering under societal pressure, that is until his dear friend suggests that he just takes a “leap of faith” — a sweet swan dive off the roof of their high school — so he did, and he ended up comatose.

When he wakes up, he has a superpower, no, superpowers.

However, everything comes with a price… For power, he must give up his memories, every single moment of his life that he held in his head, all the wonderful times with his mother, all the poisonous thoughts; Kioku can get what he wanted… as long as he trades away his life.

Who knew that if you wanted to start a new life, you had to die?

Kioku never did.

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