The Integrity of the Super Club

Title: The Integrity of the Super Club
Author: Gerry Hines
Illustrator: Sagecamille
Genre: Romantic Comedy, LitRPG, Slice of Life
Published: August 2020 – ongoing
Volumes Available: 1 (In Progress)


The Super Club is the best thing to happen to Southbound Thugwood High School. Yet, it’s shrouded in mystery. When hotheaded high schooler Rover meets its president, a girl named Quinn Integrity, his involvement with the Super Club changes his life.​

Their supreme ruler has instated a law: All citizens must play one hour of a certain video game each day, or face ambiguous consequences. But a recent change in the law gave a way to lift the daily playtime quota: Defeat the ruler in the game’s new player-vs-player feature. Rover quickly accepts the challenge, but his mind is preoccupied with Quinn after meeting her. As their relationship grows, Rover will learn of Quinn’s overwhelming advantages, as well as the secrets of the mandatory video game.

The Integrity of the Super Club Vol 1 cover

Volume 1 
Released August 30, 2020 — ISBN-13: 979-8670342773


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