The Genesis Code

Title: The Genesis Code
AuthorRobert E. Parkin
Illustrator: Jordan Saia
Genre: Sci-Fi, Adventure
Published: September 2014 – ongoing?
Volumes Available: 1 (In Progress?)


“The day I was given the chance to wield the most beautiful, and terrifying creation of man, was the day I opened my eyes to a truth I didn’t want to believe. With the ultimate weapon at my side, I held the power. Everything changed, when I met her . . .”

Zackary Allan Knight is just your typical eighteen year old teenager on the outside, but a genius within. Withdrawn, and reserved, he goes about life as if it was a chore. With parents that are never around, only one friend that laughs at his expense, and a famous idol for a sister, Zack can’t help but gaze upon his world with boredom and distrust.

Unbeknownst to Zack, his little reality is about to be shattered. He is about to have his boring life turned upside down when a girl called Lambda appears before him.

Enter Lambda, the most powerful and sophisticated AI ever created. Possessing the ability to appear both in the physical world as well as the Cyber Network, the virtual world, Lambda represents man’s greatest accomplishment in the world of science. To Zack, she is an alluring cyber goddess of destruction. One he can’t take his eyes off of, despite all the warning signs, and eminent danger.

It all comes at a price. Nothing but corruption and mystery surround Lambda’s creation and purpose. However, one thing is for certain: everyone wants Lambda.

Now, Zack must make a choice: to invite chaos and havoc into his life and embark on a roller coaster ride of mayhem and deceit, or die never knowing the truth that is hidden in a divided reality. As he struggles with his past and family while trying to learn the dark secrets that lurk within Lambda, he will have his eyes opened to a truth he never would’ve believed.

Time will never be on Zack’s side as he is pulled into a dark world built on technology and lies. That fated day, everything changed, when he met her . . .

The Genesis Code Lambda

Volume 1 — Lambda
Released September 29, 2014 — ASIN: B00O2DKH1S

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