The Fruits of the Hero’s Deeds in Azuvatier City

Title: The Fruits of the Hero’s Deeds in Azuvatier City
Author: Azure Whitewood
Illustrator: Azure Whitewood
Genre: Fantasy, Action, Comedy, Romance
Published: May 2020 – ongoing
Volumes Available: 1 (In Progress)


A vampire girl begging for blood as a profession, a little girl born in the slums facing her twisted fate, and a not-so-noble noble thief with a little secret…

The city of Azuvatier is a place for many kinds of people. But among all citizens, there is one existence that stands out, Azuvatier’s hero.

It is said the hero has received wealth, status and a godlike power as a reward for saving the goddess Athena’s life. But with great power comes great responsibilities. One of those is to deal with the city’s dark past that everyone seems to have forgotten.

Genres of this light novel series include fantasymysteryvampireactionmagiccomedy and romance.

The Fruits of the Hero's Deeds in Azuvatier City Volume 1

Volume 1
Released May 24, 2020 — ISBN-13: 979-8647121226


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