The Bleeding Worlds

Title: The Bleeding Worlds
Author: Justus R. Stone
Illustrator: Starbottle
Genre: Action, Urban Fantasy
Published: October 2012 – May 2018
Volumes Available: 4 (Completed)


The gods aren’t angry, but they’re mad enough to destroy us.

When the girl of your dreams invites you on a date, there’s a chance it could end in disaster.
But you shouldn’t end up in a hospital.
You shouldn’t see things that can’t exist.
And you definitely shouldn’t be hunted by monsters.
But Gwynn Dormath is going through all that, and he’s learned something else.
God-like beings walk our world. And not all of them want to see it continue.
Now, Gwynn has to figure out what’s changed inside him and how to control it.
If he can, he might just save the world. Or, at the very least, survive long enough to see it end.

Buy The Bleeding Worlds for an apocalyptic action-adventure series inspired equally by a love of light novels, anime, and mythology.

Volume 1 — Harbinger
AmazonBarnes and NobleBook Depository
Released October 31, 2012 — ISBN-13: 978-0995969742

Volume 2 — Suture
AmazonBarnes and NobleBook Depository
Releasing August 6, 2013 — ISBN-13: 978-0995969759

Volume 3 — Resonance
AmazonBarnes and NobleBook Depository
Releasing December 9, 2014 — ISBN-13: 978-0995969766

Volume 4 — Ragnarok
AmazonBarnes and NobleBook Depository
Releasing May 31, 2018 — ISBN-13: 978-0995969773


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