Just Say You Won’t Let Go

Information for the Original English Light Novel series Just Say You Won’t Let Go.
The Romantic School Life series is written by Peter Rodriguez

The Integrity of the Super Club

Information for the Original English Light Novel series, The Integrity of the Super Club. The LitRPG RomCom is written by Gerry Hines

Eiichi P.I.

Information for the Original English light novel series Eiichi PI. The School Life, Mystery series is witten by James K. Penn

Square One

Title: Square OneAuthor: Mohamed ShafiekIllustrator: Mohamed ShafiekGenre: Comedy, Slice of LifePublished: Sept 2017 – ongoingVolumes Available: 1 (In Progress) Synopsis: After failing to become the mangaka Akari Ise has always dreamed of being, he is given one last chance to prove himself as a proposition to become a manga assistant arises. Upon being assigned to…

A.R. Dragonfly

Title: A.R. DragonflyAuthor: Joshua J. PiedraIllustrator: Zara Fahreza, Alex GarciaGenre: Gaming, Slice of LifePublished: July 2018 – ongoingVolumes Available: 7 (In Progress) Synopsis: Amber Ryann is the #1 ranked player in the online battle game Blaze Auras. Behind the keyboard, Amber is very extroverted with a snarky attitude; however, when out in public, she is…

Lily Clairet

Title: Lily ClairetAuthor: Kaye NgIllustrator: RumikuuGenre: Slice of Life, MysteryPublished: 1st edition February 2014 — 2nd edition Mar 24, 2019 – ongoingVolumes Available: 5 (In Progress) Synopsis: A young girl is arguing with a cherry tree. That’s a new one for Lily, who’s managed to reach the end of her first year at high school…

I, Who Fell in Love with the Other You

Title: I, Who Fell in Love with the Other YouAuthor: Shintaro MofujinIllustrator: Alice VuGenre: Romance, Slice of LifePublished: July 2018Volumes Available: 1 (Completed) Synopsis: Ah, it must’ve been right before the middle school entrance ceremony when I first met her. The nearby cherry blossom trees were in full bloom that day, and their captivating pink…

Everything is CANCELLED!

Title: Everything is CANCELLED!Author: Koji KojouIllustrator: MIDORIGenre: Slice of Life, ComedyPublished: December 2019Volumes Available: 1 (Completed) Synopsis: Eddie Ilievski’s little sister, Trixie Dream, has it all: money, fame, beauty… However, all of that changes when an old video of hers surfaces and she is canceled online! But fear not, because Trixie has a plan that…

My Stepsister Knows My Biggest Secret And She Wants to Tell Everyone!

Title: My Stepsister Knows My Biggest Secret And She Wants to Tell Everyone!Author: Koji KojouIllustrator: N/AGenre: Slice of Life, ComedyPublished: July 2017Volumes Available: 1 (Completed) Synopsis: It started off innocently enough. They were just doodles in a notebook; just a way to pass the time during class. It was something any bored teenager would do….

Our Bittersweet Electric Life

Title: Our Bittersweet Electric LifeAuthor: Koji KojouIllustrator: BlissGenre: Slice of Life, ComedyPublished: February 2019Volumes Available: 1 (Completed) Synopsis: Ivan Argyle has a lot on his plate. He has an eccentric little sister to take care of, an increasingly-popular online fast food review show to film, an enormous crush on the girl who lives across from…