Square One

Title: Square One
Author: Mohamed Shafiek
Illustrator: Mohamed Shafiek
Genre: Comedy, Slice of Life
Published: Sept 2017 – ongoing
Volumes Available: 1 (In Progress)

Synopsis: After failing to become the mangaka Akari Ise has always dreamed of being, he is given one last chance to prove himself as a proposition to become a manga assistant arises. Upon being assigned to one of the biggest names in the manga industry, Akari finds his new coworkers to be something more out of a circus than a group that aspires to the same goals he does. As his new race to becoming a mangaka begins, Akari finds that there might be more to being one than what he originally thought. This book is distributed by VicsLab.com.

Volume 1 
Released Sept. 18 2017 — ISBN-13: 978-1976336409


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