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Nyaa-hallo!~ I’m Shintaro Mofujin and I love to write Japanese Light Novel styled romantic comedy stories filled with cute fluff! My debut series “My Best Friend is Dense Harem Main Character-kun, But Why am I the Heroine?!” just went live as of this posting! I’m so happy to see my childhood dream of writing my own novel series come to fruition! Though I admit it might not have been the best idea to debut with such a strange concept for most readers, but I’m writing from the heart and not for the big bucks!

I am an avid anime watcher who grew up watching the usual 90’s stuff, but eventually came to appreciate manga and light novels after feeling unsatisfied with mashed-up 13 episode conclusions. I fell in love with the LN style of writing and wanted to try my hand at writing my own series so that Western readers could get this charming and simple type of fiction without having to wait forever for translations.

I hope that I can keep this passion of mine going and I hope that I can became the best writer that I can be so that you can enjoy my humble stories to the fullest!

Thank you so very much from the bottom of my heart for your too good for me support!


My Best Friend is Dense Harem Main Character-kun, But Why am I the Heroine?!

Artist: Alice Vu

Him…that aloof black-haired idiot over there that looks like the main character out of an anime or video game, as if someone were too lazy to change the default settings at the character selection screen! That useless guy happens to be my best friend that I’ve known since childhood, Hiro Manashima. Despite that dull looking generic face of his, this person is quite popular with all of the beauties in school. Of course, in the same fashion as the dense Main Character-kun spoken of in the ancient legends, this person is completely oblivious to all of their feelings… As his best friend, I’ve always tried to play matchmaker and help sort out his complicated love life, but that all changed on that one fateful afternoon… Eh?! What do you mean I’ve suddenly become a cute girl overnight?! Eh?! What do you mean this idiot would rather spend time with me than go out with them?!

The first volume of Shintaro Mofujin’s debut fluffy Romantic Comedy Light Novel series about a dense harem protagonist and his overly caring best friend turned into a beautiful girl! A heartwarming and original gender bender love story that will make you giggle and your heart throb! Written in the style of Japanese Light Novels, approximately 64,000 words!

I, Who Fell in Love with the Other You

Artist: Alice Vu

Ah, it must’ve been right before the middle school entrance ceremony when I first met her. The nearby cherry blossom trees were in full bloom that day, and their captivating pink petals scattered and danced about in the air, easing my inner turmoil. “Umm… E-Excuse me…” I hear a soothing voice and feel someone lightly tugging on the end of my sleeve from behind, and when I turn around, it is love at first sight. Sakuya Aoyama is her name. She is a gifted art prodigy that has already won several high-level competitions and has been praised by art critics from all across the world for her incredible and budding talent. A natural genius with an incredibly promising future. Somehow, I, Daisuke Takahashi fell in love with this totally outrageous superhuman. “T-Takahashi-kun!!! W-Will you please go out with me?!” Sakuya Aoyama, the girl that I’ve had a crush on since the first day of middle school, looks at me with a flushed face and confesses! I knew it was too good to be true, but even so, I never wanted this fleeting moment to end. There’s a saying that the first love never works out, and you know what?

…They were right.

A short, standalone, heartwarming romance story in the vein of Japanese Light Novels! Approximately 26,000 words! Now includes 1 HD illustration!

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