Shintaro Mofujin


Nyaa-hallo!~ I’m Shintaro Mofujin and I love to write Japanese Light Novel styled romantic comedy stories filled with cute fluff! My debut series “My Best Friend is Dense Harem Main Character-kun, But Why am I the Heroine?!” just went live as of this posting! I’m so happy to see my childhood dream of writing my own novel series come to fruition! Though I admit it might not have been the best idea to debut with such a strange concept for most readers, but I’m writing from the heart and not for the big bucks!

I am an avid anime watcher who grew up watching the usual 90’s stuff, but eventually came to appreciate manga and light novels after feeling unsatisfied with mashed-up 13 episode conclusions. I fell in love with the LN style of writing and wanted to try my hand at writing my own series so that Western readers could get this charming and simple type of fiction without having to wait forever for translations.

I hope that I can keep this passion of mine going and I hope that I can became the best writer that I can be so that you can enjoy my humble stories to the fullest!

Thank you so very much from the bottom of my heart for your too good for me support!


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