Senkumo War Stories

Title: Senkumo War Stories
Author: Haruto Tonbogiri
Illustrator: N/A
Genre: Historical Fantasy, Drama, Harem
Published: September 2018 – ongoing
Volumes Available: 3 (In Progress)


“Young girls and mass-murderers are tender-hearted creatures.”

Tsukiakari was unlucky.

Daughter of the Shinto gods Amaterasu and Tsukuyomi, she was supposed to live a lavish life of fortune and favor. She was supposed to be a princess, planning for the day when she would rule Heaven and its subjects, like her father and mother before her. She would soon learn that fate laughs as these pallid, charmless machinations called “plans”.

Her father was banished from Heaven for the murder of a fellow god, while her mother’s waning mental health made it impossible to continue living with her. And so, Tsukiakari fled from Heaven, descending upon the Honshu island of Japan during the kickoff of the Onin War. Tsukiakari finds herself exposed to both the horrors and the beauties of the mortal world, and the humans therein. She becomes accustomed to Japan’s landscape, its aromatic sakura trees and waving fields of moonlit susuki, but is left terrified by the madness and brutality of war. She has walked right into an era of social upheaval, of lordless armies engraving their mark in history with their bloodstained blades. No one was there to guide her.

Except for him.

Bishamonten, the legendary god of war, discovers the young Tsukiakari’s affinity for the blade. He takes the stray goddess in, offering her a home and a place in his new society; the Senkumo clan. Just imagine, a militaristic society unbound by power-hungry daimyo or an ever-increasingly useless Shogun, a parallel state hiding beneath the underbelly of feudal, war-stricken Japan. The Senkumo are not bound by a common bond of blood, but by a common bond of ideals. They vow to not only become a nation unto themselves, but to also bring the fear of the gods back to the outside world. With Tsukiakari in their ranks, the Senkumo embrace their second lord, and the clan begins their long, bloody, and tragic journey to achieve their vision.

Senkumo War Stories is a chronicle of the battles, the brutality, and the betrayal Tsukiakari and her experienced during the Warring States period of Japan. It is a chronicle that has already played out many centuries ago. Nothing can be changed, taken back, or altered. The triumphs and tragedies within shall remain ever permanent.

This chronicle’s first tale is the Book of Blossoming. It’s the story of a stray goddess finding her purpose on the battlefield. It is also a tale of the clan she came to love and nurture, of the people that were loyal to her to the very end. Tsukiakari’s long legend begins with a blossoming, but it ends in a tragic bloodbath. Many of the people who took part in her chapter of history are no longer with us. And yet, their memory can live on here, in the first Senkumo War Story.

Senkumo War Stories Volume 1
senkumo war stories volume 2
senkumo war stories volume 3
senkumo war stories volume 4

Volume 1 — Book of Blossoming
Released September 23, 2018 — ASIN: B07HM55Z63

Volume 2 — Book of Betrayal (Part 1)
Released February 8, 2019 — ISBN-13: 978-1794045408

Volume 3 — Book of Betrayal (Part 2)
Released May 25, 2020 — ISBN-13: 979-8648710450

Volume 4 — Book of Revenge
Released May 25, 2020 — ISBN-13: 979-8648718449


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