Restart ∞ Days

Title: Restart ∞ Days
Author: SOrahana
Illustrator: SOrahana
Genre: Mystery, Supernatural, Thriller
Published: June 2017 – ongoing
Volumes Available: 1 (In Progress)


The 8th Day. It is when God creates the imaginary world “Fictional Reality”. It is considered to be the place where the dead ends up at.

On every 8th day, all humans are given a chance to retrieve someone from “Fictional Reality” and return that life to Earth. However, the trials aren’t simple. Six people, consisting of two representatives from the past, the present, and the future, are gathered together to start the “Imaginary War”. They must accomplish every given tasks, and only one person, the victor, will earn the chance to [Save].

Restart Days

Volume 1
Released June 27, 2017 — ASIN: B06Y54TK7B


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