Realm Wars

Title: Realm Wars
Author: Jesse James
Illustrator: Jesse James & Elias Stern
Genre: Military Science Fiction, Fantasy
Published: April 2019 – ongoing
Volumes Available: 1 (In Progress)


The year is 2081, the world is at war again, and Europe lies in ruins. Genetically engineered super soldiers roam the ruined cities searching for relics of mythical power, constructs of technology indistinguishable from magic, and hunting beings whose genetic origin is not of this Earth…

Realm Wars is a Military Science Fantasy adventure, set in a fictional universe that is a semi-realistic version of our world and future where stem cell regeneration, telekinetic abilities, cybernetic and genetically enhanced humans are real.

Realm Wars Volume 1

Volume 1 — Eyes of the Descendants
Released April 18, 2019 — ASIN: B07QX85V2C

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