New World

Title: New World Series
Author: K.R. Zax
Illustrator: N/A
Genre: Fantasy, Adventure
Published: February 2020 – ongoing
Volumes Available: 2 (In Progress)

Synopsis: Alex Miller woke up, almost 4000 years into the future, in a fantasy world with monsters, dungeons, adventurers and pretty girls from all kinds of races. His Doctor certainly did a great job, providing him with an almost immortal body, made from Demon blood and other questionable materials.What will he do with this new life? Become stronger? Famous? Or just build a harem?

new world series bk2

Volume 1 — Demon Lord
Released February 27, 2020 — ISBN-13: 979-8619141566

Volume 2 — Lord of Estaria
Released April 3, 2020 — ASIN: B086RX887P

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