My Best Friend is Dense Harem Main Character-kun, But Why am I the Heroine?!

Title: My Best Friend is Dense Harem Main Character-kun, But Why am I the Heroine?!
Author: Shintaro Mofujin
Illustrator: Alice Vu
Genre: Comedy, Romance, Harem
Published: June 2018 – ongoing
Volumes Available: 3 (In Progress)


Him…that aloof black-haired idiot over there that looks like the main character out of an anime or video game, as if someone were too lazy to change the default settings at the character selection screen! That useless guy happens to be my best friend that I’ve known since childhood, Hiro Manashima. Despite that dull looking generic face of his, this person is quite popular with all of the beauties in school. Of course, in the same fashion as the dense Main Character-kun spoken of in the ancient legends, this person is completely oblivious to all of their feelings… As his best friend, I’ve always tried to play matchmaker and help sort out his complicated love life, but that all changed on that one fateful afternoon… Eh?! What do you mean I’ve suddenly become a cute girl overnight?! Eh?! What do you mean this idiot would rather spend time with me than go out with them?!

The first volume of Shintaro Mofujin’s debut fluffy Romantic Comedy Light Novel series about a dense harem protagonist and his overly caring best friend turned into a beautiful girl! A heartwarming and original gender bender love story that will make you giggle and your heart throb! Written in the style of Japanese Light Novels, approximately 64,000 words!

Volume 1 — Best Friend and Dense MC-kun
Released June 29, 2018 — ASIN:

Volume 2 — Doki Doki School Days
Released December 20, 2018 — ASIN: B07M957CPD

Volume 3 — Mellow Memory
Released May 2, 2019 — ASIN: B07RF8LT59


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