Melissa Wong


Melissa Wong was born and raised in Southern California, but currently resides in Central Texas with her husband, kids, and their pets. She enjoys video games, reading, writing, cooking, drawing, anime, manga, and the occasional TV show. She is a stay-at-home mom, author, and artist.

Mel has been drawing since her hands could grasp a pen, and writing since middle school. She is inspired by many things–music, art, family–but especially so by a good book. She loves to laugh and prefers her stories with a liberal dash of humor, so two of her favorite authors are David Eddings and Terry Pratchett. (Of course!)

She likes to claim that she is boring, (Despite evidence to the contrary!) and that her kitchen needs more damage mitigation. (Whatever THAT means…)


Atlantis: The Visionary Continent

A young woman is abducted under the cover of night, and wakes to find herself in an unfamiliar room. She quickly learns that her existence has been erased, and the only things she has left of her past are the clothes on her back, and her uncle’s ring. She is then told that she is on the mythical continent of Atlantis, and that she was brought there for one singular purpose—to become its new Queen! Trapped in an unfamiliar place and desperate to return to her own land, Achine decides to bide her time until she can make her way back to her family. However, the gods have other plans, and with the help of some unlikely companions she will soon discover that there is a reason she was chosen… a revelation that will change her life—and the fate of Atlantis—forever.

Feline Warriors

Feline Mode, Activate!

Melissa Tealanna is an average teenage girl with all the typical problems that entails: a bratty younger brother, a strong dislike of math, and a serious love of anime. But when alien newlyweds Criatan and Cretora set their sights on conquering Earth, she is awakened as Blue Caracal, the leader of a superhero group called the Feline Warriors.

Now it’s up to Melissa to use her new powers to find her teammates and save the world…

But first she has to figure out a way to fight off city-destroying monsters, keep her grades up, juggle family obligations, and deal with a social life that’s becoming more complicated by the second—all without getting herself killed in the process!

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