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Koji Kojou wanted to be a writer since he was in middle school, but the task of writing a book always seemed too daunting for him. Motivated by Japan’s web novel and DIY culture, as well as an “if they can do it, then so can I” attitude, Koji picked the quill back up over a decade later and rediscovered his passion for writing. Since then, Koji has self-published four books and has worked on several other small projects.
Koji plans on continuing his writing hobby for the foreseeable future.


Do You Want to Be Normal?

William was at the bottom of his high school’s social ladder. Given the nickname “Crybaby Bill” by his peers after a sudden emotional outburst, he had accepted his fate as a friendless loser… Until he joined the Normal Club. Led by the eerily robotic Alyssa Silverstein, the gang of weirdos participates in experiments, discusses love and relationships, and scrambles to put together a talent show performance.As his fourth self-published book, “Do You Want to Be Normal?” is a return to a genre that Koji Kojou is comfortable with: school-life comedy. Inspired by Japanese light novels like Oreimo and Oregairu, Koji has crafted an oddball adventure that’s sure to warm hearts, and hopefully make people think about what it truly means to be “normal.”

Our Bittersweet Electric Life

Ivan Argyle has a lot on his plate. He has an eccentric little sister to take care of, an increasingly-popular online fast food review show to film, an enormous crush on the girl who lives across from his apartment, and a weird ninja-girl stalker.Could things get any more complicated?Koji Kojou’s second self-published novel, written with the goal of being “comfier” than his first, is a novel about young people trying to navigate both the real and online worlds that modern Americans live in. Inspired by anime series like “Denpa Onna to Seishun Otoko” and “Imouto Sae Ireba Ii,” this story is filled with colorful characters and just the right amount of silliness! It also aims to bring a little emotional depth to the table.”Our Bittersweet Electric Life” is a delightful novel about nothing and everything at the same time, and we hope it brings a smile to your face!

My Stepsister Knows My Biggest Secret And She Wants to Tell Everyone!

It started off innocently enough. They were just doodles in a notebook; just a way to pass the time during class. It was something any bored teenager would do. However… those doodles eventually became a weapon that could end Spencer Sunday’s social life for good. A weapon that would fall into the hands of the worst possible individual: Claire, his prudish new stepsister. Koji Koujo’s full-length novel, inspired by Japanese comedic light novels, aims to portray western suburban life in a way that’s both laugh-inducing and tear-jerking. It’s a unique story about being true to yourself, and one that fans of light novels, manga, and western comedies can all enjoy.

Holographic Hearts: In Search of the Beautiful Fantasy World in Our Dreams… Maybe We’ll Find it Someday

“We lead lives of silence and loneliness, extending our hearts to each other as holograms displayed on glowing computer monitors. We escape to wonderful fantasy worlds, only to return to reality and find the same emptiness waiting for us over and over.“”Romance.” That’s what Trevor Scarborough wants to find. “Or at least something approximating romance…” One day, a mysterious wheelchair-bound girl enters his life and changes it forever. Their two holographic hearts become intertwined forever, for better or for worse.Koji Kojou’s third self-published book is an exploration of concepts like love, loneliness, and coming to terms with the bitter side of reality. This reality-warping bittersweet romance also pushes genre boundaries, occasionally switching perspective and taking inspiration from other genres. It aims to make readers both think and feel at the same time.

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