Jio Kurenai


Growing up, Jio Kurenai (literal Japanese translation of his real name!) dreaded novels. Their walls of text and alleged lack of imagery were living nightmares.

It’s funny how some things can turn 180 degrees, given enough time.

Now, he spends most of his free days writing the very things he once despised. He is on an endless pursuit to better understand the aspects of a story that interest him the most: Character development, witty dialogue, and telling a story through action.

If there’s anything he loves more than cooking up a new chapter, it’s interacting with those who give his work a chance. 

Always on the lookout for feedback and constructive criticism, it would be a lie to say he isn’t looking forward to meeting you all! 


Parable of the Renegades

Hidden within the population are rare subspecies of humans called “Renegades.” Information on them remain scarce and the planet had been in a state of caution ever since they were first revealed to exist.

Sheltered High School student Lucas Thorne only wanted a thrilling experience or at least a break from his tiring routine of daily life. The turning point arrives when he is ambushed and put at the mercy of Rio Kiyodera, an assassin he witnessed on a chance encounter.

In exchange for sparing his life, Lucas is blackmailed into taking over Rio’s assignment–seven wanted Renegades with the potential to bring forth calamities if they remain alive.

Now, Lucas is forced to go on an adventure of missions and getting tangled in the affairs of others. His wish has been granted, but there’s no turning back.

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