Help! My Little Sister is Disappearing!

Title: Help! My Little Sister is Disappearing!
Author: Azure Whitewood
Illustrator: Azure Whitewood
Genre: Romance, Mystery, Supernatural
Published: January 19, 2019
Volumes Available: 1 (Completed)


Discover the secrets of this world…

One day, Hinata’s little sister, Asuka, starts disappearing from everyone else’s world except her brother’s. Soon, Hinata discovers he is the only one who can still see and even remember her. Her friends, classmates and fellow students have forgotten her very existence. Even if Asuka stood directly in front of them, they wouldn’t realize. Join Hinata on his journey to uncover the secrets of this world, the very cause of Asuka’s disappearance.

Will he manage to save her?

How will their fates unfold?

This light novel gives you a well-balanced mix of genres including romancemysterypsychological and supernatural.

Help! My Little Sister is Disappearing!

Volume 1
Released January 19, 2019 — ISBN-13: 978-1794256804


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