Echoes of Esteria

Title: Echoes of Esteria Volume One
Author: Stanley Garland Jr.
Illustrator: TBD
Genre: Romance, Fantasy, Action, Adventure
Published: TBA – ongoing
Volumes Available: 1 (In Progress)

Publisher: Novel Horizons


Desperately searching for a cure to save his poisoned wife Sodina, “Slash” journeys across the lands of Esteria to save her from death. 

Hero of a now fallen kingdom, a shamed man journeys with what remains of his people and the crown princess turned untimely queen. Determined to redeem himself.

An epic tale of battle, mystery, love, and betrayal unravels across Esteria as multiple paths converge into one.

Echoes of Esteria Volume 1 Cover

Volume 1 
Released TBA — ISBN-13:


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