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Trade Me

n a world of infinite possibilities, where humans have super powers, where being a hero — an actual costumed super-hero — can be your day job, how much would it suck to be normal? Well, Kioku never planned to be normal per say, but life just dealt him a horrible hand. He was powerless, and in a society where power means everything, he became worthless. After being bullied for his entire school life, ignored by teachers and adults alike, he finds himself helpless and suffering under societal pressure, that is until his dear friend suggests that he just takes a “leap of faith” — a sweet swan dive off the roof of their high school — so he did, and he ended up comatose.

When he wakes up, he has a superpower, no, superpowers.

However, everything comes with a price… For power, he must give up his memories, every single moment of his life that he held in his head, all the wonderful times with his mother, all the poisonous thoughts; Kioku can get what he wanted… as long as he trades away his life.

Who knew that if you wanted to start a new life, you had to die?

Kioku never did.

Undaunted Daughter: Song Gwakkot

She could spend hours in her college library researching about criminals, learning about the human psyche and what made people tick; but, on the weekends, Han Gwakkot was a total nerd.

In love with an online web novel turned light novel called Golden Regret, Han Gwakkot had ordered the physical copy of the book and had been on her way to the bank to withdraw some funds before going to visit her mother. Sadly, she would never be able to see her mother again as she was killed while trying to protect a child when said bank got robbed.

It was said to be a tragedy as while Han Gwakkot wasn’t the most attractive or feminine of girls, she was highly charismatic and skilled within the academic world, renown amongst her peers for her intelligence and well liked by professors due to her intelligence. They called it a shame that a girl who could have ruled the world with an iron fist and golden mind died so tragically.

December 31st marked the death of a flower; January 1st marked the blooming of another…

While her name did mean rebirth, Han Gwakkot could never imagine that she would transmigrate into the body of famous cannon fodder within the book, wannabe villainess, Song Gwakkot, a girl sharing the same name. Eventually this character would be executed after a torturous life behind bars for her crimes against the imperial family. But, Han Gwakkot refuses to take this dreaded fate without a fight.

With her head strong personality and penchant for violence kicking in, she refuses to back down into the cowardly fate of Song Gwakkot. Instead, she will save herself and the new life growing inside of her, the reason for the character’s death in the first place… The main lead’s son.

So, obviously she will live a peaceful life without running into the female and male leads of course, right?

ML: I love you
MC: …
MC: “Love” your mom!

Written Obsession

You have bewitched me, body and soul, and I love, I love, I love you. I never wish to be parted from you, from this day on.” — Jane Austen

I think I fell in love with you when I first read about your righteous heart, how your blood circulated in that cruel world for a single hope — that this wretched place could be changed — where you could make a difference. That you, my sweet beloved, could finally make a mark upon this place, where empty pages flowed red into paragraphs of justice. You captured my heart when you spoke of true kindness, the mercy that death grants us with her all-accepting embrace, how the peace of this world will not be fulfilled until we walk to death herself with a smile, not with anguish written upon our faces due to pain and war. You taught me love, you told me in the last pages of your legacy that you hoped that I would live on with your memory, and that I do, I only wish you only knew how much I adore you. I’ve bought every novel with your name printed inside, I’ve bore witness to your birth in cinema, where actors never portrayed your valor correctly.

Dear Adam, I am your Eve, and you, my darling, are my written obsession.
Dear Eve, I am your Adam, and you, my darling, are my written obsession.

Oh, how I wish I could feel you beside me, because truly, I love you.
[Prompt Provided By SSSC IV: Prompt I — Person A: Hopelessly in love, Person B: Hopelessly fictional, Person A: You will NEVER know how much I love you and it pains me daily]

The Reincarnation of Proserpina De La Vert

I was born in a world full of tragedy; no it was not the tragedy of war, nor was it a tragedy of poverty; no, in that life I had no love nor honesty. Fallacies replaced everything I loved and everything that was once true had been ripped away from me and torn into pieces. I had trusted all the wrong people when I was a young girl, and for years I stayed locked away in a tower where the only person to comfort me was the little girl who stared back at me through the glass, it was quite depressing now that I think back to it — I was only able to speak to my own reflection. Maybe tragedy was too strong of a word to describe my life… After all, I never was a happy child, so I should never have expected to live a happy life. It had been an epoch of experience, where I learned to trust no one, that no matter who I dared get close too, they would all betray me. Years of trust were thrown away in mere seconds of time, as if someone just rolled a die, and everything changed.
Life was a game to me where no one knew the rules, and the common players like you and I were left to our own devices, whether it be helping each other or causing each other’s demise. And, you may be asking me now, “Why are you speaking in the past tense?” Well, because I am. I am, unfortunately, dead. Yes, yes, this lady that randomly found you and is now talking to you like a mad woman is dead, and no I am not insane. I woke up like this, I swear.

Proserpina Anna Rose De La Vert was a woman born for the crown, and in her first life she was used for the crown — as a key to the throne, a bearer for heirs, and a punching bag for those who only desired power. In her final moments she took revenge for all the torment she faced after being locked away in a tower for years whilst being separated from the child that she had just given birth to. Unfortunately, her life ended shortly after, but she did not actually die.

Proserpina awakes in the body of her child self to discover that time has been rewound, she has been reborn, and she has been given a second chance at life. She has been given a second chance at love, a second chance at the crown, a second chance to fulfill her revenge…

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