Beyond the Dome

Title: Beyond the Dome
Author: C.S. Mills
Illustrator: Robin Tjiuw
Genre: Science Fiction, Supernatural
Published: December 2018
Volumes Available: 1 (Completed)

Synopsis: (To Synthesize – To combine into a single or unified entity. A+B=AB) A young generation of talented boys and girls face their fear and Synthesize, causing them to gain amazing power. Knowing nothing of what is to come, a 16-year-old boy clutches on to his father’s last words and strives to see the outside world; to become a Blue-Collar hero. Will he succeed and find out the ugly truth? Or has the Head of the Dome perfectly orchestrated everything as part of his devious master plan? A dome built to protect the people, but is being on the inside really the safest place to be?

Beyond the Dome: A Blue-Collar Hero

Volume 1 — A Blue Collar Hero
Released December 7, 2018 — ISBN-13: 978-1790912773


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