Ly Yurimoto


rom an avid reader of Manga to a writer in the Light Novel genre due to a hatred against dense male protagonists, Ly Yurimoto breathes life into simple plots with twists to make the truth seem stranger than fiction. With a keen eye for people who grew up without their fathers teaching them mathematics past midnight, Ly firmly believes in the adage that the ability to speak does not make one intelligent. His hobbies include getting drenched in the rain and needlessly carrying an umbrella on sunny days.


Paragon-Red Eye

“My name is Ryuzaki Luca, half an angel, half a demon. Perhaps that makes me a full human. I am a first year at the prestigious Kuzusaki High school, a nationally famous school that hides a mystery I have sworn to unravel; a mystery of the day my city burned, and ash fell like snow.

In the meantime, my grades take precedence over romance in order to maintain my scholarship, but I seem to keep running into women one after another. One might even think I’m gathering some sort of harem with the ecchi situations I keep getting caught up in, and women I end up helping.

And so starts my high school life, a psychological thriller filled with supernatural occurrences that have bled into the normal world after being concealed in the shadows for an eternity.

Read as I carve out my story, one mystery at a time”