Jordan Z. Lowe


I am the Artist of 1995 – a humble amateur anime artist from Lake Macquarie, Australia.

I always wanted to share a story with the world, but for the longest time, I could never figure out how to start. I eventually began drawing and writing whatever came to mind, and before I knew it, I had a layered and deep story in the making (or at least in my mind.)

I’m still an amateur, but I try my best and hope you like my work, for that is the greatest reward for a creator.

I’ve been drawing since 2012 and I’ve been wanting to write a light novel with my own illustrations for many years. But there’s always been parts of the story I’ve struggled with. On top of that, I’m mostly self-taught in anime and manga art, developing my style as I got better.

But in March 2018, after a lot of encouragement (and a bit of nagging), I finally buckled down and started on my big dream; to write and draw a popular light novel. And here we are now.

Nothing of what I do on this page may be perfect, but it’s the best I can do and I intend to get better. And I hope you like it!


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