Hadi Y. Bendakji


Since childhood, Hadi Bendakji has enjoyed reading and quickly found writing to be a great medium for him to express himself. In his early teenage years writing on Quizilla but he eventually stopped as he was too busy due to his school life and once he was free, he couldn’t find interest in his early works as he realized that half of them were too similar to another author’s. Years later, in 2018, after reading countless novels, he decided to try writing once again and he began by expanding on an idea that was lacking in the number of works; a world creation novel. Eventually, he met Michiel and after a while, they decided to write ‘Lord of Goblins’ together in late 2019 and they’ll keep working on this series till it reaches the end it deserves, which isn’t any time soon.

Hadi studied software development in tech school. His hobbies are reading, writing, listening to metal, especially songs by DA Games, and programming whether it be front-end, back-end, applications or games.

Genres the Author Writes

Science-Fiction, Adventure, Action, Fantasy, Lit-RPG


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