Chad N. Davis


Chad N. Davis is a literal, actual Chad who grow up on the internet and cannot escape from his post-anime lifestyle. He has been called both a fake-weaboo and a wannabe-normie—he sees himself somewhere in the middle. 

Chad enjoys transmutating his experiences into fiction for the enjoyment and laughter of others. He thinks a good piece of fiction should be both and inspiring and disturbing–feelings that help push people into experiencing growth.


The Kimochi Warui Diary

Watashi loves Japan. He studies Japanese, stays up all night reading manga and Japanese novels, marathons dozens of episodes of anime in one sitting, and even has a Japanese friend online.

But if you asked Watashi, he would tell you he’s not your average otaku. He would tell you that, unlike OTHER fans of anime and manga, his emotional connection to Japan is special.

To prove it, Watashi is going on a 2-week trip to Japan with his older brother. What his brother doesn’t know, however, is that Watashi hasn’t planned out a single bit of the trip. He’s convinced that his “shounen spirit” will bail them out of any trouble they may face.

Along the way, Watashi will have to use his knowledge of anime, manga, and limited Japanese to guide them.

But will all of that be enough for Watashi to find what he’s looking for in Japan?

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