Alexander McCarty


Alexander McCarty is an animal born on Earth who actively seeks freedom for his fellow animals. At age five, once he realized that the chickens he loved and the chickens he was eating were one in the same, he became an ovolacto-vegetarian along with his nine-year-old brother. In middle-school, he decided to make use of his free time by writing a book. At the age of twenty-one he met vegan activist Gary Yourofsky and vowed to live vegan alongside his brother. They have since dedicated their lives to animal liberation through educational activism. Alexander recently graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Religious Studies and holds certificates in Jainism, Asiatic Studies, and Spirituality. He is now a full-time writer and is also the president of Sphere of Compassion Inc. He runs SOC with his brother. SOC is a company whose purpose is to spread innovative media and promote a vegan worldview. When he isn’t writing, he is watching anime, reading, or playing video-games. He listens to any and all comments, suggestions, reflections, and criticism.

Genres Author Writes

Psychological Sci-Fi Action
Dark Fantasy Action
Dark Fantasy
Historical Fiction
Isekai Parody


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