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Hey hi hello! My name is Alex Zandra and I love to create, whether it’s games, art, or writing. Please help me keep the lights on – and the inspiration flowing – as I make mini-comics, get better at art, stream design analysis of video games, and more!

Everything we make contributes to our culture, shifting it slightly in the direction we want to take it. Let’s change the world together. <3


I Signed Up To Be The Substitute Familiar Of A Struggling Witch To Pay My Bills And I’m Just Now Realizing What I Got Myself Into

Becoming a witch takes a lot of hard work, and not everyone has the resources to devote themselves to such a grueling process. But thankfully, magic isn’t completely unattainable! Witches need familiars in order to thrive, and sometimes the best candidate for the job is in the neighborhood instead of through a portal to the otherworld.

But what happens when you try on a new life and realize it fits you better than your old one? What do you do when it comes with an expiration date?

Substitute Familiar is the most worldbuilding-heavy light novel I’ve written yet, depicting a modern world with magic, demons, and folks trying to make it work. It’s about getting the chance to try something you’ve wanted to do for a long time, and all the unforeseen consequences that come with it. It also has a lot of self-actualization, girls kissing girls, and gender feels, because that’s what I do!

Please enjoy, and let’s keep making wonderful things together.

My Friends And I Were Granted Three Wishes By A Cat Goddess And I Swear I Got Distracted When My Turn Came Around (Cat Wishes)

Gods aren’t exactly common, but there are a lot of them, it turns out. If a person sees a god, it usually means the latter is in trouble—the modern world has many mysteries the gods haven’t completely figured out. But some charitable person is inevitably around to help out these flustered deities, who then invariably grant these kind souls a wish.

And if a lot of wishes are being granted at once, well, it’s easy to lose track of what you want.

Cat Wishes is my second light novel, this time about a small group of friends, divine intervention, and the ups and downs of their day to day life as they adjust to some pretty dramatic changes. As always, it’s full of personal growth, self-discovery, and a lot of gender feels.

Please enjoy, and let’s keep making wonderful things together.

I Asked For Squid Maids But I Didn’t Know I’d Become One!


What do you do when a console manufacturer deletes your drawing because they mistook it for a light novel advertisement?


Hey hi my name is Alex Zandra and I do a lot of things; one of which is draw fake light novel covers (silly situation + excessively long title) and post them to Twitter. When folks started drawing in-game postcards about squid maids in everyone’s favorite paint-based multiplayer phenomenon, I made one of my own! But two days later, I got the message above. The decision was final. So I decided to prove them right—by actually making the book a reality. And now it’s here in your hands! So settle in for 64 pages of maids, squids, squid maids, self-discovery, and a LOT of gender feels. Because that’s what I do.

Please enjoy, and let’s keep making wonderful things together.

My Friend Took Me To A Feline Therapy Place For My Anxiety And I’m Starting To Wonder Where The Cats Are?

Relaxing with a purring cat can make people feel better…
…but did you know purring makes the cat feel better too?

Some folks see the daily challenges we’ve made it a habit to overcome and can’t stop themselves from trying to help. Surely there’s a way. Surely there’s something we haven’t already tried. And sometimes we humor them, because even though their solution isn’t for the right problem… what if this one works? What this is the one that helps?

What have we got to lose?

A first-person exploration of anxiety, Feline Therapy is my biggest departure yet; lighter on the gender feels, heavier on the ways we face our problems and the ways we escape them. It’s my first full-color book, as well as my first collaboration with a professional illustrator. I hope you like it!

Please enjoy, and let’s keep making wonderful things together.

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