Arcana of the Crimson Era

Title: Arcana of the Crimson Era
Author: Sein Ares
Illustrator: Big Bann Studio 
Genre: Dark Fantasy
Published: February 2020 – ongoing
Volumes Available: 1 (In Progress)


Have you ever imagined, the End of Man?
A world where Magic is life and Demons thrive?
Have you ever imagined, if it would be a better world?
I know I did, until the Red Moon.
Ice fell like rain, waves eclipsed the skies and death upon death.
All the while, Gods silent.

Then Saisho jumped into the pit, and a ripple began.
The First Hellbrids walked, and the ripple flourished.
Ten thousand years passed, and the ripple faded away.
Until the Red Moon again, and Chaos began,
The ripple again, and an Era began,
With the world echoing again,
“Those who sin die by the way they sinned!”

Trigger warning: This series is rated R18 for adult situations, graphic violence, harem relationships and mentions of rape.

arcana of the crimson era vol 1 cover

Volume 1 — Red Moon
Released February 13, 2020 — ISBN-13: 978-1797652276

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